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This is an Automatic Donation System that works with PayPal. Below you can choose which powers you wish to be rewarded with after donation is completed. Minimum donation for Admin for example is 15$, but donating 30$ while Admin option is selected will grant you Admin powers for 2 months instead of 1.

The powers are granted on all High Voltage Gaming Servers. Currently, our running servers are [HvG] Funserver and [HvG] Zombie Mode.

After the payment is made, wait for map on the server to change for changes to take the effect.

For Steam ID field, choose one of these accepted formats:
1) STEAM_0:0:0000000 (Your Steam_ID)
2) (Link to your Steam Profile,in case you don't know your Steam_ID)
3){name} or {name} (Or simply.. your username)

Payment is NOT recurring. This means that it won't renew automaticly. If you have donated for only 1 month worth of admin then you will need to donate again for the next month. After the purchase you will also be rewarded with store credits, click on each group below to learn more.

Server Groups:

Store Unlock & Admin+

Amount: $